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TV and Sound System

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Note: All 12V electrical work is performed by a licensed cabler..
The Audio Visual System consists of a Kogan TV and a marine Fusion Stereo Sound system/DVD Player with four speakers and a remote control module mounted on the pedestal

Cutting the fibreglass to mount the Fusion Sound System Main Control Panel

There are two internal speakers and two external speakers. One internal speaker is mounted above the gallery.

One speaker in place. The second one is opposite in front of the V shape giving an effective stereo separation.

The second speaker seen here in the background.

Wiring for two internal and two external speakers, AV input and output to the TV and remote control unit on the pedestal

TV runs on 240V only. When mains is not available at a mooring or when touring inland, a 2000W inverter provides the power.

The two external speakers, the AM/FM antennas and the TV antenna are mounted on the rear frame. The speakers are easily removed when not needed or on rainy days.

The external Fusion remote control unit mounted on the pedestal

Time to relax and enjoy a good movie.

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