MacGregor 26 Instruments

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The original MacGregor 26 in its basic form has no sailing or navigation instruments. The pedestal is where we've mounted the GPS and wind display instruments as well as digital Led display of time, temperature and battery voltage

Preparing to mount the compass.

Compass installed

On the port side is the winch winder holder.

Preparation for mounting the depth sounder.

About there should be a perfect place.

Wiring from various units around the boat.


Making of the panel to hold the wind indicator, Depth sounder/GPS and Led display.

Port side of pedestal panel showing Led light indicators for 12V Battery, 240V Mains or 240V Inverter, Stereo Remote Control and master switches for VHF, 27MHz, Outside lights, instruments and Led display.

Front of pedestal showing wind instrument, depth sounder/GPS, Clock led display with timer, outside temperature and battery voltage.

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