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Thursday 22

Mauritian food for lunch

Friday 23

Morning Coffee with cousins

Saturday 24

Wake to celebrate the life of my good friend Peter, at the Mornington Yacht Club Function Room starting 6;30 PM.

Sunday Onwards.

If a friend wants to sail with me, then I will go home. Otherwise, I stay in Mornington for a few more days.


On the road again.

Destination Mornington.

I left home Wednesday lunch time, planning to travel the coastal route through Inverloch. I have changed my mind and took the highway instead. I arrived in Mornington just after sunset.


I've applied for a new password and I'm waiting patiently to receive it in the mail. It may take up to six weeks.

Then I will book a few overseas holidays.

The unknown factor at this stage is whether I'm travelling solo or with a friend