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Saturday 15 August News

Victoria is on its way to easing its restrictions as promising coronavirus figures mean families could be reunited for the Christmas holidays. It comes as Victoria today reported 303 new cases of coronavirus, down from earlier this month when daily case numbers surged over 600, and peaked at 725.


Government modelling shows a key indicator has “drastically encouraged” authorities driving the COVID-19 response, according to a report from The Herald Sun. The modelling indicated Melbourne’s 8pm curfew would be eased as a first step, and families would again be able to gather in groups by Christmas.


The report claimed authorities are now confident of a gradual easing of restrictions, while at the same time providing ongoing compliance with other current restrictions.


The current modelling for Victoria predicted a return to Stage 2 restrictions by December. Previously Stage 2 restrictions allowed for pubs, restaurants and some cafes to be open for limited numbers.


I'm planning for my Christmas Holiday NOW.


Where will I be? Oysters, lobsters, caviar and champagne will be a great way to celebrate the end of lockdown.


And of course, the borders will be open by then and I will be walking down the beach in Cairns.