Tomorrow is going to be a better day...


It is not what is at the end of the destination that matters the most.


It the the belief to turn dreams into reality.


It is the resolution to attempt the imaginable.


It is the skill to turn obstacles into realities.


It is the endurance to turn difficult moments into achievement.


It is the determination to succeed.


It is the challenge to get there no matter what.


It is the hard work that eventually pays off.


It is the will power to never ever give up.


It is the human spirit to conquer


and more importantly, these are the experiences that make the journey of life very interesting.





the road to success is not straight.


There is a curve called failure, 

a loop called confusion,

speed bumps called friends,

red lights called enemies,

caution lights called family.


You will have flat tyres called jobs,

but if you have a spare called Determination,

an engine called Perseverance,

 a driver called Will Power, 


you will make it to a place called success.


 Sylvio Belcourt