My Birthday Present

My birthday is on the 11th December.


Warbird aerobatic flights are like a joy flight on steroids. 

Strap in and feel the Gs! You are about to take to the skies in an ex-military super charged radial engine fighter plane just like in Top Gun!

Your expert pilot will fly you over beautiful Gippsland, taking you through a sequence of aerobatic manoeuvres at high speed!

You will have the time of your life flying like heroes of WWII. The aircraft is a WWII style model with a real retro feel that’ll impress any aviation enthusiast.

You control the show as you can ask for mild or wild aeros. It is the perfect mix adrenaline, history and awesome scenic views; any daredevil will love this flight of a lifetime!

I'm booked for the 10th December and I've asked for the wild aeros. 

A glorious start for the week sailing the beautiful Gippsland Lakes.

But more rain on the horizon.