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Nearly There Video



If I don’t start, I will never learn. So I’m trying to do some fun documentary video.

My speech amongst other things needs improving.

The good thing is that I’m not a star, an actor or a celebrity. 

I’m just me.



I believe in forget and forgive.

The Corona Virus Lockdown has been hard. Many, like myself, have won the battle by hoping and believing that there is an escape route while others are still battling depression and loneliness.

I’m a great believer that no matter how bad things have been, hope and belief in oneself is the best medicine one can inhale.

I’m also a great believer that by leaving the negatives, the sadness and the hurt behind, we can live a better life.


Maybe this is a great opportunity to learn how to forget and forgive. Be friends again.


My solution is that I have excluded hatred in my luggage while I travel the beautiful route to post Corona virus destination.


I'm inspired by these songs.



Walk through this world with me - Emmylou Harris and Carl Jackson


We should be together - Don Williams.


I'm Sorry - Brenda Lee 


One - Tammy Wynette and George Jones