240V Power


Note: All electrical work was wired according to Australian New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3001 by a qualified electrical contractor. All 12V installation was carried out by a licensed cabler.


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240V Power is provided by two separate cabling system.

1. Mains socket at the back of the boat plugs into a power outlet at Marinas or Caravan Parks.

2. 12V inverter providing 240V/2000W power at sea or remote areas.

Power sockets are strategically placed around the boat for convenience.


240V is very handy to have at marinas and caravan parks, We use it to power the TV, microwave, fridge, stove, hot water system, lights as well as toaster and rice cooker. The 2000W inverter is only used to run the TV, DVD player, microwave and recharging electronic equipment batteries.

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