GenTrax 3.5kW Pure Sine Wave Petrol Inverter Generator

240V power on the go anytime and anywhere, even in the most remote places in Australia.

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Max AC Output:  3.5kW
Rated AC output:  3.0kW
Rated Voltage:  240V
DC output Voltage: 12V
DC output Current: 8.3A
AC outlet: Double
DC outlet: Single 'T' Type


Type: Air-cooled, 4 cycle, OHV, Petrol Engine
Displacement: 149.5cc
Engine Speed: 5500rpm
Ignition Mode: T.C.I
Fuel Type Regular Mobile Gasoline
Fuel Capacity: 5.7 Litres
Oil Type: SAE 10W30
Oil Capacity: 1 Litre
Spark Plug: A7RTC or CR5HSB (NGK)
Dimension: 565 x 320 x 470
Weight: 28KG

The GenTrax 3.5kW inverter generator can power even the most sensitive of equipment with its Pure Sine Wave output. It can run most caravan air conditioners.

The GenTrax generator is EURO 5 certified, which means they pass the emission standards to be sold in Australia.



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