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The original M26 was delivered with just one 12V battery. A second battery was added and is very useful not only for safety reasons but also to alternatively supply the many units on board.

Charging the batteries are achieved from three main sources. Either battery can be selected individually to charge from a selected source.

  1. From the Yamaha engine while powering.
  2. A 200W solar panel at the back of the boat.
  3. From a 12V to 12V inverter connected to the towing car battery through an Anderson connection at the trailer plug. This is very handy while driving especially on cloudy long trips. Keeping the champagne and beer cold in the fridge is very critical!!

The 20Amp12V to 12V battery charger with the input coming from the towing car. Refer Towing Vehicle for more details



The 200W solar panel.

The battery management system.

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