My MacGregor M26 has arrived

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I bought two M26, the first one in 2003.

The journey from the USA in July 2003 had many issues. First the yacht and the trailer stayed in a shipping yard for over three weeks until it was allocated to a transport ship. I was asked to pay additional cost which I was not happy as a deal was previously sealed but I had no choice. The arrangement was between a freight company in Melbourne and the shipping yard in Atlanta, USA.

It was supposed to take about a month from Atlanta to Melbourne through the Panama canal.

Following the container online tracking showed that from the USA, it went instead to the South Atlantic Ocean passing by South Africa to Dubai, then onto India before arriving in Australia over three months later.

During that time, I had many sleepless nights where I was endlessly on the phone to America as well as the Australian representative. At one stage, I accepted that I will never see my yacht and the loss of the money, which was paid in full before delivery, was inevitable.

Finally one day, I receive a message from the Australian Freight company in Melbourne. Your boat has arrived and it is sitting in the docks. You can come and pick it or we can arrange to deliver it to your house for the cost of a few hundred dollars. I was happy with that.

When the container arrived at my address in Aspendale Gardens, Victoria, Australia, I opened the door and was so happy to see a yacht inside. My neighbour was helping me and he commented that this is not a new boat. "Of course it is", I excitedly replied. "There is rust on the axle", he commented. "No, No, that's grease to protect it". I replied blindly.

Then it struck me. I ordered a blue hull and this was a white hull. The engine was 50HP and mine was supposed to be a 60HP.

"Xyx$3fxC@&%#" was my reaction. I got on the phone to the agent immediately. "Impossible" he bluntly told me. "This is a f...king white hull and I ordered a blue one. He hang-up the phone after rudely telling me "I'll get back to you".

So he did. "I'm sorry to advise you that your boat has been delivered to Sydney and is already being used by the owner".

My blood boiled over and I nearly fainted. "I'll see what I can do. Close the door and I will have a truck pickup the container at your place.

There I was. Someone was enjoying my new yacht in Sydney and I had nothing after waiting over three months. "What the hell....."

After a couple of days with intense communications in not very polite languages, I got lucky. "You boat is still in the Sydney docks and we'll have it shipped to you ASAP. He wanted more money. Now, that did it. I can't write what happened next....

Eventually, I got a phone call that the container has arrived in the Melbourne docks. He offered to have it delivered at my place for an extra cost of a few hundred dollars. We argued that it was a disgrace that he fuc..d the whole deal and the least he could do is bear the cost from Sydney to Melbourne. More money from me. I had to pay.

The container with my blue hull M26 was delivered to my address in Aspendale Gardens, VIC, Australia.


Loading the blue hull M26 onto a 40Ft container in Atlanta USA before shipping to Australia

At Last, home sweet home safely. it's time to unload.

The M26 is lifted using two hydraulic jacks and then pulled out of the container

Steady she goes.

Time to mount the wheels to make it easier to roll back out of the container.

So far so good.

She's out.

All is well.


What a task !!!!

Ready to move to the backyard.

Wheels in place for proper towing

The fun begins.

Copyright 2015, Sylvio Belcourt