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The Old Gallery



Building the cooking stove frame made of marine grade wood.

The new dual power stove. 240V plate and Metho burners.

Painting the frame.

The 10L hot water system works on 240V or 12V. A water pump provides instant flow when the tap is opened.

Building the new gallery front panel.

Work in progress. The old manual tap has been replaced with a household sink one providing both hot and cold water.

The new house sink tap





The 10L hot water system inside the gallery. The outlet at the bottom can be connected to a hot and cold shower tap unit.

The red petrol tank on the port side has been converted to a water tank holding 45 ltrs. The white pipe connects to the 12V water pump inside the gallery. (It took weeks of thorough washing with all sort of soaps, metho etc to get rid of the petrol smell in the tank.)



The gallery moved forward for cooking.


My turn to cook breakfast.




The gallery slides back, out of the way.

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