Aluminium mast

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The aluminium mast is 9.14 meters long. Originally it had only one navigation light in the middle. It had nothing but a plastic cover on the top.


The mast.

Foam blocks from inside the mast

Adding a bracket for the VHF antenna, the wind direction indicator and the wind speed/direction unit for the display on the pedestal.

The VHF antenna runs inside the mast.

The completed unit.


Refilling the foam from pebbles instead of the blocks. This will also prevent the antenna and wind system cables inside the mast from hitting the inside wall and making a racket when in a mooring on a windy day.

Putting the final rivets in

Drilling the holes where the wire for the VHF antenna and the

The holes where plugs for the antenna and wind direction cables will be mounted. The original white plug is for connecting the night navigation light on the mast.

Adding an extra pulley next to the mast to make lifting of the main sail easier from the cockpit.

The pulley in place.

Lazy jack was added later and it does a great job to keep the main sail on top of the boom especially on a windy day.

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