Aluminium Rear Frame

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The rear frame was originally designed to mount the 27MHz and AM/FM Radio antennas. Later external speakers and the actual radios were mounted on the bracket for convenience. When sailing or motoring, the radios were closeby and easy to access. I received much criticism from bypasses at marinas that it must be the worse place to mount a radio. "What happens if it rains?". Very fair point I must admit, but rarely we have sailed in bad or rainy weather. Also I do have a cover which I can quickly put over the frame if it rains. The radios and speakers are also designed to be easily mounted and dismounted. It suit our needs.

The 200W solar panel was added at the back of the frame. It is not only permanently fixed and out of the way but also serves as a perfect landing platform for my (RC) remote control helicopter and drome used for aerial photography.


The frame made of aluminium.

The 200W solar panel.

The frame showing the 27MHz, AM/FM and TV antennas, night stationary light, two external speakers, 27MHz and VHF radios, two high powered led lights and the solar panel at the back.

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