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I like comforts when travelling around Australia? There are toilets everywhere but for a good hot shower, I stay in caravan parks. 
Now I can have my own hot shower anywhere. I often stay in free sites and setting up the portable gas shower is easy. 

The Companion Aquacube RV Digital Water Heater gives me a little luxury in my home away from home! This water heater comes with everything I need to get hot water for a shower. I use it mainly on land but it can be used if moored in remote areas.



The Aquacube can be adjusted from summer to winter modes for use all year round, and it has an adjustable water flow for ultimate comfort. The Aquacube RV Water Heater comes complete with a POL Regulator and 120mm hose, a water hose and pump, quick connect fitting, 12V DC lead and connection, and a silicone hose and shower head. Everything I need for a great hot shower when I'm off the beaten track.

The hot water unit is mounted on the side of the boat.




The gas bottle which I carry in front of the trailer is used to heat the water. View more Here and Here


The inlet source is the boat water tank but I can also us a tap if there is one nearby.


A 12 volt pump provides the necessary pressure which can be regulated to save water. 


The shower head is inside a tent giving complete privacy. 


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