The start of November

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The month of November started with lots of exciting activities.
After staying in Melbourne for a few days, I attended a Masonic meeting in Mt Waverley.
On my way back home, I could not resist stopping at the Dandenong market for Mauritian delicacies.
My morning coffee ritual was at Old Jetty cafe in Toorandin chatting with the bikies.
My birthday is fast approaching. On the 11 December, I will turn 77 years old. That deserves a special treat. Stopping at Sale, I booked an adventure of a lifetime, a 25-minute daredevil high-speed acrobatic flight at Sale on the 10 December. Life is to be enjoyed now.
I got home safely enjoying the comfort of home sweet home.
As my car was due for service, a few days later, I drove to Sale Mitsubishi early morning. I enjoyed a succulent breakfast in a Sale Cafe.
Returning home, I got back to my daily routine.
Tai Chi class three days a week on Raymond Island. Morning walk among the trees looking for Koalas was a great way to relax.