Day by Day

by Louis Sylvio 24 August 2019 in Travel Overseas NZ August 2019

Beni is much worse than when I was here in March this year. She is constantly complaining about the pain she endures and that creates not only a very stressful atmosphere but an indescribable pressure for Roland to cope with. 

Roland is making slow progress to clear the poison (Chemo) off his system. He drinks lots of water every day and that is helping his body recover. He has a very positive attitude. He also has an increased appetite and is eating well. On Thursday morning, Marcel managed to take him out of the house and we went for a drive to the shops. Roland and I had a snail walk on the beach and breathing fresh air away from the traumas of home did him a world of good.

Marcel and Rika are the cooks and prepare great meals for them. I can only assist by being there to support them, comfort them and hold their hands.

They have carers to assist all day and that is so helpful.

It’s very hard and every hour of every day is stressful, miserable and the suffering is of titanic proportion.

Last week, his oncologist, his doctor and his medical team told him that his liver failed due to cancer. He told all of them that they are wrong. He told them that his liver failed due to the Chemo treatment. He proved them all wrong. The latest test showed that his liver has no cancer.

Roland is an hero, an incredible person. With life threatening illness, from outside he manage to show little sign of despair but inside, he suffers.

I wish I could do more to help both of them.