Personal diaries have been around since written language was introduced. Typically, My Blogs is my electronic diary. It contains relatively frequent records of my life and events, but it can be about anything.


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love calling their friends and having a good rant?


But chances are there are some things I will hold back, even from them. In My Blogs, I can say whatever I like, no matter how awful or self-obsessed it would seem out loud. I know that nobody can read it. It feels so good to get all my thoughts out instead of fretting over them late into the evening or the following morning.


Writing My Blogs every day and trying to be reflective helps me focus on my goals and motivations. In the evenings I write a paragraph about what went well today and what I felt I needed to do better, sometimes I can identify areas in my life that need more effort.


Because of My Blogs, I wake up with determination and sleep with satisfaction.


My Blogs contains both public and private contents. The public ones are general fun stuff that I like to chat about but private and sensitive information are for my eyes only.




  • Decisions Decisions

    Posted Oct 26 by Louis Sylvio


    I got up at dawn as usual and the temperature inside was 21°C while outside it was 9°C. A hot cup of tea and microwaved 90 minutes oats was all I needed for breakfast.  From Seaspray, which way will I t Read More...

  • Fibreglass Repair (WIP)

    Posted Oct 25 by Louis Sylvio


    Owning a boat is for me a great joy. Going sailing on the lakes is a feeling of being completely free of lifes' traumas. But the maintenance can be very demanding. A few months ago, I hit the jetty at Hastings and the d Read More...

  • Special Dinner

    Posted Oct 20 by Louis Sylvio


    Out of the blue, Robert, Kay and I had dinner at the Village Green Although we met before in Clubs and Dancing Parties, this is our first social evening together for over 30 years. The stories shared were treasurable.

  • Bravo

    Posted Oct 17 by Louis Sylvio


    Security First I designed and built all electronics and accessories on my yacht, trailer and car towing requirements. There are two main factors that I considered on the design: weight and strength. Because, it a Read More...

  • I needed a treat.

    Posted Oct 16 by Louis Sylvio


    The TCM (Towing Command Module) on the left is effectively a simple design. It mainly consists of three relays. 1. Small relay that activates when the ignition switch is turned on. This also completely isolate my syst Read More...

  • Wires replace Wife

    Posted Oct 15 by Louis Sylvio


    While at Rosedale, the temperature dropped to below 3°C during the night. There is a saying that when you live alone after you had a partner, the worse time to cope with is the evening. It's hard and you miss the hap Read More...

  • Living Alone.

    Posted Oct 13 by Louis Sylvio


    I've fed the dog, the cat, the buggies, the fish in the tank and I have mowed the grass, weed the garden, trim the roses, made the bed, done the dishes, vacuum the carpet, mop the floor, clean the toilets and showers, fi Read More...

  • A new adventure

    Posted Sep 27 by Louis Sylvio


    I'm away for the long weekend on a new adventure full of surprises. Destination Unknown.

  • Mornnington

    Posted Sep 4 by Louis Sylvio


    I got up early this morning and went for a walk on Mornington Pier. Then I had coffee with Peter and Doug at The Sober Mule.   A visit to Mornington Wednesday market reminded me of the time I lived there. I did no Read More...

  • Birthday

    Posted Aug 20 by Louis Sylvio


    My morning coffee was in Edithvale. Thereafter, I picked up my sister Brigitte and we had take away lunch on the beach and went for a drive around Williamstown. We had a great time together celebration her 57 year o Read More...

  • My luggage is packed

    Posted Aug 19 by Louis Sylvio


    My luggage has two compartments, one is packed for winter in Auckland and the other has cloth for summer in ..Oops. TBA I'm on my way to spend a couple of days in Melbourne before heading to NZ. I had a doctor's appo Read More...

  • I hate salt water

    Posted Aug 9 by Louis Sylvio


    My trailer yacht is one of my greatest passion. But anything marine need continuance maintenance due to the harsh environment of salt water. I have not been sailing for quite a while and from time to time, I run the engi Read More...

  • Toilet Leaking

    Posted Aug 9 by Louis Sylvio


    Before I went on holidays to Phuket, the toilet in my en suite was leaking. I closed the tap at the wall to save water. I was talking to my neighbour and he recommended a plumber. For curiosity's sake, after I retur Read More...

  • My car as a musical instrument.

    Posted Jul 25 by Louis Sylvio


    While touring around Mallacoota, I constantly scratched my head as I just could not work out where that musical note sound was coming from. Further tests proved that it was definitely not mechanical or electrical but mos Read More...

  • Singing Car

    Posted Jul 24 by Louis Sylvio


    Just unbelievable. While driving from Cann River to Mallacoota, a strange whistling noise came from the engine. It sounded like someone was playing a flute. At first, I shook my head in disbelief. What the hell was that? Read More...

  • Boys Chat

    Posted Jul 3 by Louis Sylvio


    Morning coffee at Degani, Mt Eliza with Peter and Doug   

  • J’aime bricoler

    Posted Jul 3 by Louis Sylvio


    When I was in my early 20’s, I was a DIY fanatic.     I hand-made many record players. The electronics circuits were my own design and the plastic were mounded on an electric heater bar which I built Read More...

  • Coffee at Mr Frank's Cafe

    Posted Jul 2 by Louis Sylvio


    Morning coffee with cousin Alain at Mr Franks. Cafe in Frankston  

  • Handsome Me !!!!!

    Posted Jul 1 by Louis Sylvio


    After having lunch with my sister Brigitte, I spent a few hours at Chadstone Shopping Centre. I have not been there for a while and I'm amazed how large the complex has become. While walking around, this lady stopped me Read More...

  • Mauritian Lunch

    Posted Jun 20 by Louis Sylvio


    I had lunch with Faizal at the Mauritian Food place in Dandenong.   Great food     We talked a lot about Mauritius.    

  • Coffee in Morni

    Posted Jun 15 by Louis Sylvio


    I had morning coffee with Peter and wife Kathline in Mornington. Later Peter and I had lunch in Mt Eliza.

  • My new TicWatch Pro

    Posted Jun 14 by Louis Sylvio


    The result of my visit to Japan Electronic Gadgets City in Tokyo. I bought it online and it has arrived. I love it.   Layered display technology. TicWatch Pro's Layered Display technology extends battery life Read More...

  • Morning Coffee

    Posted May 27 by Louis Sylvio


    The barrister at Degani Boxhill South made the perfect flat white just the way I like it.

  • Leaving Home again

    Posted May 25 by Louis Sylvio


    Two luggage are packed, one for overseas (warm) and one for travelling to Melbourne (cold) for a few days before heading to Japan on Thursday. I'm going the long route to Melbourne. No rush. I'm retired and I have plent Read More...

  • Morning Coffee

    Posted May 17 by Louis Sylvio


    The Bakery Cafe in Metung makes great coffee      

  • Square Dancing

    Posted May 17 by Louis Sylvio


    I went back to my square dancing class last night at Paynesville. This is what I'm learning;  Click here

  • Coffee at Metung

    Posted Apr 20 by Louis Sylvio


    Easter Saturday morning coffee was at Metung.  

  • Party Time

    Posted Apr 18 by Louis Sylvio


    Afternoon tea at Angie's place.

  • A well deserved morning coffee

    Posted Apr 18 by Louis Sylvio


    I left home at 7:00am to Paynesville. Raising the mast on my own was quite a challenge. Ten years ago, it took me less than one hour to fully ring the boat with the help of my then crew member. Over the last years, the t Read More...

  • I'm jealous.

    Posted Mar 20 by Louis Sylvio


    Wow, what a couple! It's just amazing. Age is just a number.    Dancing like you are still young He is 94 and she is 91 Will I be able to do this when I'm 90? I can dream.

  • Square Dancing

    Posted Mar 20 by Louis Sylvio


    I started learning Square Dancing a couple of months ago. They did not tell me that's what I will eventually have to learn.    Square Dancing video of what I will have to learn soon. OMG

  • The Wooden Squirrel

    Posted Mar 19 by Louis Sylvio


    Morning Coffee was at the Wooden Squirrel in Main Street Bairnsdale. First time there.   It's a miserable rainy day, so I decided to have a hot chocolate instead of coffee.

  • Quotes, quotes and quotes

    Posted Mar 18 by Louis Sylvio


    THE BEST POSITIVE QUOTES (extracted from the World Wide Web) Miracles happen to those who believe in them. Bernhard Berenson With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. Eleanor Roosevelt Positive anything is Read More...

  • Peter and Katheline

    Posted Mar 16 by Louis Sylvio


    I had the pleasure to have dinner with my good friends Peter and Katheline from Mornington visiting Bairnsdale. We enjoyed a great evening at the Lantern Tavern on main street.

  • Rock and Roll

    Posted Mar 16 by Louis Sylvio


    It's two years since I started to learn the Rock and Roll My next challenge. I can do this with the right partner, I think Rock and Rock Dance Show

  • How disappointing!

    Posted Mar 10 by Louis Sylvio


    I had another busy day installing a rear camera cable system on the Pajero.  I was so pleased when I saw an image on the dashboard display unit.   View from the rear camera The rear camera is mounted und Read More...

  • Getting Old!

    Posted Mar 8 by Louis Sylvio


    My body is sore all over. I’m getting too old for work, work, and work. I need to start playing! It took me all day to remove the old bearings and seals from the four axles. I then installed new USA made parts Read More...

  • Morning Coffee

    Posted Mar 6 by Louis Sylvio


    Very cold in Bairnsdale today. Morning coffee was at Jax Bakery Cafe in Eastwood. The flat white was made to perfection. Flat without froth just as I like it.

  • Call me selfish

    Posted Mar 6 by Louis Sylvio


    My wings were clipped so that I could no longer fly. I had balls and chain around my legs. I was locked in a cage. I was depressed, stressed, sad and cried a lot. I lost my self-esteemed. I ended up at the bottom of the Read More...

  • Solo Travel

    Posted Feb 24 by Louis Sylvio


    Solo travel is so unfair having to pay for an imaginary person to share accommodation with. But sharing a room with a stranger is a risk that I'm not prepared to take. At the moment, I have no choice but pay the bl Read More...

  • Joke of the day

    Posted Feb 20 by Louis Sylvio


    Fishing or Sex?   Four married guys go fishing. After an hour, the following conversation took place. First guy: "You have no idea what I had to do to be able to come out fishing this weekend. I had to promise Read More...

  • 2019 Classes

    Posted Feb 8 by Louis Sylvio


    I have developed a passion for learning.  The classes that I am attending this year at U3A. Bairnsdale are: Singing Drama and Theatre Genealogy Writing a story Arts  

  • Academic class

    Posted Jan 17 by Louis Sylvio


        I can't help it, I need to learn to survive. To be amongst brilliant academic colleagues gave me so much motivation and confidence to write the autobiography of Louis Sylvio Belcourt.  

  • Sunday drive to Sale

    Posted Jan 13 by Louis Sylvio


    Having morning brunch at Portside Food restaurant in Port of Sale. Instead of coffee which I am not allowed to have for a few extra weeks, hot chocolate, marshmallow and crepe added to the joy of relaxing.

  • I went to see Instant Family

    Posted Jan 12 by Louis Sylvio


    I went to the movie yesterday 6:35 pm session to see  INSTANT FAMILY Genre: Family adoption crisis comedyRating: PG 118’ mild themes, coarse language, drug references and violenceCast: Mark Wahlberg, Rose By Read More...

  • Autobiography

    Posted Jan 11 by Louis Sylvio


    Today I start writing the Autobiography of Louis Sylvio Belcourt I have gone back to University to update my knowledge on the pros and cons of writing the autobiography U3A class   My very complicated past, full Read More...

  • Never too old to learn

    Posted Jan 9 by Louis Sylvio


    I've gone back to University to stimulate my brain.    Today I started on the first course about: Have you a autobiography, memoir or family history that you wish to undertake or complete. Do you want to e Read More...

  • Boats everywhere

    Posted Jan 8 by Louis Sylvio


    I'm in Paynesville moored at the jetty and there are boats everywhere. Everyone is here. Lunch on board was microwave cooked (Mango Coconut Chicken Curry) as I did not feel like cooking myself a four courses meal.   Read More...

  • Morning Coffee at Metung

    Posted Jan 5 by Louis Sylvio


    My daily coffee intake was at Metung. I was very impressed with the flat white and the owner commented "I like to make coffee the old fashion way", flat with no froth.