Call me selfish

  • My wings were clipped so that I could no longer fly. I had balls and chain around my legs. I was locked in a cage. I was depressed, stressed, sad and cried a lot. I lost my self-esteemed. I ended up at the bottom of the cliff.

    But rather than blaming others and feeling sorry for myself, I learned how to change and how to master the impossible.

    Now my wings have grown back. My spirit is very high. I have my castle full of walls painted with happiness to return to anytime I want.

    I was not born to be alone. I was born to travel. I was born to learn new things, to respect others, to be happy and smile all the time. I have rebuilt my journey of life and now I am in control of my destiny. No one can sabotage my plans again as I have them set the way they were originally designed.

    Like migrating birds, I’m free to travel again, discover new world, sail the oceans and go beyond the horizons. The sky is my limit and the world is my oyster. There is only one space available in the two seater vehicle that I’ve built to get me there and the spare seat is moulded for that one person only. No one else will fit in. That’s the way it must and will be.

    Call me selfish because it’s my life. I am the only one responsible for my choices and my decisions.