How disappointing!

  • I had another busy day installing a rear camera cable system on the Pajero.  I was so pleased when I saw an image on the dashboard display unit.


    View from the rear camera

    The rear camera is mounted under the solar panel.


    The existing cable was installed a few years ago. I just did some cleaning to ensure proper connection.

    A cable runs from the rear of the car to the anchor door. Of course, the cable must be unpluged when launching the boat.


    I had such a system on my previous car and it proved valuable travelling long distance to be able to monitor the rear of the boat. Side mirrors are OK but they can be problems.


    When I took the car for a drive, I got a big shock. 



    A message came on the display “Video cannot be displayed while the vehicle is in motion”. That’s what I need. To see, the display from the rear camera while I’m driving. Oh well, I will have to find a solution. I wish I could reprogram the unit which is an Android tablet. I will do some research.