J’aime bricoler

  • When I was in my early 20’s, I was a DIY fanatic.



    I hand-made many record players. The electronics circuits were my own design and the plastic were mounded on an electric heater bar which I built myself. 

    The speakers were my own designed. When I moved from Auckland to Melbourne in 1968 (or 1969?), I worked at Plessey Rola (a speaker manufacturing company in Richmond). I was a record keeping clerk and I bought the round sub woofer, mid range and tweeter speakers with staff discount.


    I sowed the green curtains myself for our house in Burwood. 

    The amplifier in the background is completely my own design. A very complex four channels system with surround sound. Even the front aluminium panel was hand made. 

    I still like to “bricoler”