Singing Car

  • Just unbelievable. While driving from Cann River to Mallacoota, a strange whistling noise came from the engine. It sounded like someone was playing a flute. At first, I shook my head in disbelief. What the hell was that?

    I stopped the car, looked under the bonnet and all was normal. Started the engine and no sign of any malfunction. Back on the road and after about 50Km/h, someone was playing the flute with musical note increasing in pitch at 70Km/h and higher above 80Km/h. I was going crazy. It did not make any sense. Something was definitely wrong. 

    I stopped and checked everything inside and outside including the awning, the antennas, the mirrors and no luck. More testing by revving the engine up and down did not change the pitch. That concluded that there was no mechanical malfunction. 

    I decided to proceed to Mallacoota with a singing car as entertainment.