My car as a musical instrument.

  • While touring around Mallacoota, I constantly scratched my head as I just could not work out where that musical note sound was coming from. Further tests proved that it was definitely not mechanical or electrical but most likely wind related.

    Back at the camp, I was talking to Peter about it and we decided that two brains were better than one. We went for a drive together. There was that musical tune playing and listening with the window down, Peter noticed that the sound was coming from on top of the car. That was progress.

    I stopped and checked the awning and all was normal. Then suddenly, I saw a piece of rubber missing underneath the roof rack. Voila. That was the bloody hole that the wind was blowing into creating a flute effect. So I put a piece of a branch to cover it and the noise was reduced but still there. I noticed that the rubber was missing on both end of the rail

    Back at the camp, I forced a piece of kitchen wipe in the hole on both sides and went for a drive. My car was no longer singing.

    What an experience? Just unbelievable.


    I taped both sides which should get me back home listing to country and western music instead of my car playing the flute.


    I installed the roof rack myself and later added the awning. I remembered that I cut one piece of the rubber too short and there was a gap. I let it be, thinking that should water get inside the rail, it will drain through the gap.

    Wind is a very power form of energy. A Cessna 172 weighing over one tonne, like the one I used to fly in Hobart Tasmania will take off at 110Kms/hr. In my opinion, the small gap in the rubber allowed wind to get inside the rail creating a strong pressure. Through time and over 30,000Km the rubber seal came loose turning the roof rack into a flute.

    It had to happen to me !!!! Never a dull moment.