I hate salt water

  • My trailer yacht is one of my greatest passion. But anything marine need continuance maintenance due to the harsh environment of salt water. I have not been sailing for quite a while and from time to time, I run the engine at home to keep the parts lubricated. Fresh water also clear the salt in the cooling passage. 

    Before I went to Phuket, I ran the engine to find out that water was not coming out of the jet hole. Completely surprised and shocked, I switched the engine off. At first, I could not see any malfunction. 

    Further tests proved that it must be related to the thermostat blocking the water passage. Spot on. What a mess!

    There is a product called Salt It on the market that will clear the salt in the water passage but it is very expensive. As an alternative solution, I choose to purchase a tub for $12 and filled it with water adding dish washing liquid to dissolve the salt.

    The engine runs well and it looks like most of the residual salt in the passage has dissolved. I have bought a Salt Remover Kit on eBay and further cleaning was necessary.




    Next is to get a new thermostat.

    Prior to the my next sailing adventure, I will strip the engine down and do a major service. 

    I must never let that happen again. I need my engine to work like a Swiss watch.