My luggage is packed

  • My luggage has two compartments, one is packed for winter in Auckland and the other has cloth for summer in ..Oops. TBA

    I'm on my way to spend a couple of days in Melbourne before heading to NZ.

    I had a doctor's appointment at 9:00am and the result was disappointed but what I expected. My PSA has gone up to dangerous level. I will make changes to my lifestyle to remedy this problem. I give myself two months to get my PSA back to normal level. 

    From home, I drove straight to Tullamarine where I will store my car before heading overseas for as long as I want. I have booked a space for one month and it's cheaper than airport parking and secure.

    All papers are processed and tomorrow evening, all I have to do is park the car in a secure area and catch a cab to the airport which is only 6 Kms away

    Afterwards, I drove back to Chelsea Yamaha where I got parts for my boat engine.

    I got a couple of thermostats as well as other components such as oil filters, seals, gaskets, etc.

    As I was in the area, I paid a visit to cousin Alain and Carol. 

    Later I had dinner with my friend Brigitte.