Wires replace Wife

  • While at Rosedale, the temperature dropped to below 3°C during the night. There is a saying that when you live alone after you had a partner, the worse time to cope with is the evening. It's hard and you miss the happy moment of having a meal with great conversation and then go to bed together.

    It’s so true and that evening I felt, not only very lonely, but I also wish I had a wife to cuddle and keep warm.

    Instead, I had my electric blanket. It runs on 240V but there was no power at the camp site. So I used the 12V battery and the 2000W inverter. The queen side bed has a dual electric blanket but no queen!

    The drain is about 5 amps. The deep cycle battery lasted well into the morning but needed to be recharged. There are two ways that I do this; one is the solar panel and the second is using the car engine while driving. Unfortunately the forecast was a cloudy day and there was a fault with the car charging the boat battery.

    Rather than proceeding further, I decided to go back home to rectify the problem otherwise I would have to spend another freezing night with no electric blanket and no wife.

    Back home, I dismantled my own design TCM (Towing Command Module) to trace the fault. Eventually, I fixed the problem. I also took the opportunity to redesign the circuits and add a few extra monitoring components.

    Wires can keep me warm. Wife on the other do more than that!

    I must admit that I can talk to a wife but wires are not so responsive.