• Security First

    I designed and built all electronics and accessories on my yacht, trailer and car towing requirements.

    There are two main factors that I considered on the design: weight and strength. Because, it a yacht, extra unnecessary weight can affect the towing capacity and sailing performance. I'm not into racing but I do like a good cruise on the water.

    Strength is absolutely paramount. Things have to be strong, secure and built to last. Everything is done with safety in my mind.

    The TCM (Towing Command Module) is design to be safe from electrical fault. Every component attached has its own fuse. In case of malfunction of one, the other components are not affected. Although the concept of the TCM is very simple, I have gone through great length to ensure the design is practical and reliable.

    When I drive the RM (Remote Module) allows me to monitor all aspect of towing the yacht. Should any component fail, I know straight away and can switch the unit off from the dashboard.

    The Volt/Amp meter tells me about the running of the system. Any out of range will immediately inform me of the type of problem.

    Everything works

    I'm so pleased with the work that I have done on the system. It's been time consuming but now I will be able to travel any distance on land or water with confidence knowing that everything is safe.

    This is the heavy duty winch I build myself. It gets 12V power from the 150A Anderson plug on the tow bar. All tests carried out were successful. Next is trying the winch at a jetty.


    When not in use, for safety reasons, it is disconnect via a heavy duty switch 


    Charging the yacht battery from the car.

    This feature is very important for long journey on land. There are two batteries, one to crank the engine and the other a deep cycle battery to run all accessories.


    When staying in non-powered site for camping or at a jetty, the only source of power is the batteries. Managing the usage is critical as not to completely drain the current which could damage the battery.

    After completing all assembly of the RM, it was time to test the system. Placing a light bulk at the back allowed me to safely test the unit before connecting it to the main 12V/12V charger in the yacht.

    The charger in the yacht showed that everything is working properly.

    The meter showed the correct voltage and amperage.

    I'm very happy with the hard work. I deserved a Bravo from me.

    Now it's time to enjoy.