Fibreglass Repair (WIP)

  • Owning a boat is for me a great joy. Going sailing on the lakes is a feeling of being completely free of lifes' traumas. But the maintenance can be very demanding.

    A few months ago, I hit the jetty at Hastings and the damage is clearly visible.

    Although the crack was above the water level, it had to be fixed. First I cleaned the area with a grinder.


    Next is applying the resin, fibreglass mat and hardener. Curing time is 24 hours.

    Sanding and polishing should complete the job.


    The seat and engine cover also needed repairs.

    Overtime many cracks developed and needed attention.

    Hopefully, it will be stronger and last longer.


    Sanding, polishing and cleaning should give me a solid seat to enjoy many years of sailing adventures.