Decisions Decisions

  • I got up at dawn as usual and the temperature inside was 21°C while outside it was 9°C. A hot cup of tea and microwaved 90 minutes oats was all I needed for breakfast. 

    From Seaspray, which way will I turn, left or right. Right takes me back home and left is the route to Melbourne via the coast. It's all about sailing.

    Next week, I want to sail in Mornington or Paynesville. I need a crew to assist me. On my own, I don't have anyone to share memories with, but I can go freely wherever the wind blows. But I can't sail on my own. The yacht is too big to handle especially on windy days. Although I modified many things to make sailing easier for me, the yacht  was not design for solo sailing. 

    The person I need as a crew member does not need to have any sailing experience. All that is required and mandatory is to relax and enjoy the day. He or she must be able to move from Port to Starboard and vise versa when tacking. On rare occasions, I might need the person to hold the helm (steering wheel) for a minute or two while I go on deck for some trimming. The rest of the time is to engulf the gentle sea breeze, the sound of the bow cutting through the waves and the heeling of the yacht adding some unimaginable pleasure to the moment. I never participate in racing using my yacht. I'm purely a cruising sailor. Of course, if you want to learn how to sail or just have a go for fun, you're my best friend.

    Paynesville mooring is far more suitable for my yacht. It has a floating pontoon and there is always someone around to help me launch. But Mornington jetty is designed for fishing boats and I have to tie to a fixed jetty. The yacht is at the mercy of the waves and is prone to constantly hitting the wooden poles. Not designed for staying overnight. 

    The weather will improve by Monday and it will be suitable for sailing both in Paynesville and Mornington.


    I took a right turn. Back home for now.