We need men

  • One of the student from my square dancing class suggested that I go along to a singing group in the Bairnsdale hub complex as they are short of men.

    I do fit into this category of species on planet earth. I am a man. Yes I am.

    I can sing. Well I think I can.

    So I went along. The women, about 18, were broken in two groups of sopranos and altos.

    The men, five including me, were at the back of the room as we have a deeper voice.

    The selected songs were ones that I knew and it made joining in easier.

    During a break, a plate of fruit was served.

    I was told that wine will be provided at the end. 

    Count me in.

    A glass of red and good chatting ended a most pleasant afternoon.

    "Will you come back", asked the organiser. "Sure", I replied.

    You give a donation of $2 to support the expenses.

    I do like a red. I mean wine......