Use it or lose it

  • Precision Engineering.

    For the past year, I hardly used my yacht. That's very bad as parts corrode and rust if not lubricated.

    After a sail, I've designed and installed a small pump which through a valve allows fresh water from the tank to flush the engine. This keeps the engine water passage free from salt deposits.

    The pump is operated from the side panel switch. After servicing the engine, I decided to check the pump and it did not work.

    First I though it was a fuse or a bad connection.

    Going through the maze of wires, I did not find anything wrong with the connection to the pump. 

    Next was dismantling the pump.

    No wonder the pump engine did not rotate. The valve compartment was completely blocked.

    The parts were so dirty that the valve seized.

    Cleaning the parts was a very delicate job. 

    Next was carefully assembling the unit.

    The pressure safety valve components proved very difficult to reassemble. 

    Great care was needed to connect the contacts. It was like doing jewellery repairs.

    After a few hours of meticulous work, the system is now in operation.