Toilet Paper usage my way

  • I have probably months of stock of toilet paper. One roll usually last me over a week.

    No I'm not selling any on the black market. 

    Of course, I clean my bum after doing no 2. I use a water gun. It not only very hygienic but it does not leave any residue of "you know what" that often toilet paper does. It suits both men and women.

    The system is very easy to install and any DIY enthusiast can fit a unit in their toilet.

    A tap allows the gun pipe to be closed when not in use.

    I bought this simple system after travelling in Asian countries. Japan has a more advanced electronic unit that not only provides heated seat but also allow warm water spray to clean the various delicate parts for both male and female.

    Sorry no demonstration photos. My bum is not good looking enough for public viewing!!!!!shock.png

    In times of panic, stress, worries etc, there is nothing wrong with a bit of humour.