Clean Clean Clean

  • This morning I took a risk and went for my morning coffee, probably the last one I will have in a cafe from now on.

    The tables were spaced over a meter apart and I was not breaching the social distancing guideline.

    During the day, I did lots of cleaning around the house. 

    In the afternoon, I decided to do the same to my second home, my mobile accommodation. 

    The inside of the boat is now spotless clean.

    Then it was time for a water pressure of the outside.

    I have a very clean boat.

    Pity the borders are closed. A trip up north for the winter was on my agenda especially sailing the Whitsundays, something that I wanted to do before but missed the opportunity. 

    Like everyone on planet earth, I have to avoid travel and contact with people. Maybe I should go into isolation on a deserted beach....