I'm scared to go home.

  • On Monday 23 March morning, I went to get some shopping done. I was completely shocked that I could not get a parking. That's rare in Bairnsdale. There were people everywhere probably shopping. Although non essantials shops like cafe, restaurants, etc were closed, all big retail shops were open. Even the Court House next to the Post Office was open with people in their suits (lawyers I presume) standing outside.

    While, I was buying some foods, I did notice apart from toilet paper, the shelves were well replenished. 

    I took the decision to isolate myself away from my static home where I'm not in contact with anyone and more importantly adhering to all the health rules.

    I feel very safe where I am at the moment. As of today, caravan parks are still working but limiting the distance betting caravans to avoid human contacts.

    Should I go back to my house in Bairnsdale or STAY HOME where I am in my mobile accommodation.

    I'm scared to go back to Bairnsdale. 

    This morning, I booked into a caravan park. There are only about five caravans and the park can handle over 100. I'm safe. I have 240V power for heating, cooking and operating other electric items without relaying on the sun to charge the boat batteries. I sleep in a queen side bed with an electric blanket, but no queen to cuddle. Then again adding to the nos, no fighting, no arguing and no complaining.

    The facilities are very modern and very clean. The cost is reduced due to the low demand. 

    I guess, until the Victorian Government implements new measures to ban caravans on the road, I'm staying here where the risk of contamination is less than in a city like Bairnsdale. 

    In my opinion, I'm doing the right thing, keeping my distance, avoiding crowds, etc. But for how long is of course unknown. As soon as ban on Caravans on the road is implemented, I will go back to my home is Bairnsdale. In the mean time, in my opinion, I'm doing the right thing.