I'm a weak man

  • I left Bairnsdale to travel to Seaford for a business transaction in Dandenong.

    Although I've done this road so many times in the past, it took longer this time. I think the virus has put a distancing of extra kilometres on the road. The extra hours got nothing to do with me getting older.



    I stopped in Stratford for coffee and could not resit a vanilla slice. I have tried so hard to loose weight during the lockdown and I did very well. Today I was a weak man and could not resist temptation.



    Oh well, everyone needs some treats from time to time.

    There were so many caravans on the road. I'm jealous. It's an incentive for me to think about some travelling to escape the cold. I'm still working on the ducted heating installation on my boat/caravan. Actually, I'm in Melbourne to pick up a part to finish the job.

    A sunset in Frankston bought souvenirs in my mind. Melbourne is a great place to visit.