Personal diaries have been around since written language was introduced. Typically, My Blogs is my electronic diary. It contains relatively frequent records of my life and events, but it can be about anything.


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love calling their friends and having a good rant?


But chances are there are some things I will hold back, even from them. In My Blogs, I can say whatever I like, no matter how awful or self-obsessed it would seem out loud. I know that nobody can read it. It feels so good to get all my thoughts out instead of fretting over them late into the evening or the following morning.


Writing My Blogs every day and trying to be reflective helps me focus on my goals and motivations. In the evenings I write a paragraph about what went well today and what I felt I needed to do better, sometimes I can identify areas in my life that need more effort.


Because of My Blogs, I wake up with determination and sleep with satisfaction.


My Blogs contains both public and private contents. The public ones are general fun stuff that I like to chat about but private and sensitive information are for my eyes only.




  • Back to school

    Posted Feb 3 by Louis Sylvio


    The holidays are over. No rest for the wicked. Square Dancing Class. What is Square Dancing: Click here Last year Square Dancing at Marlo.    

  • Fibreglass Repair (WIP)

    Posted October 25, 2019 by Louis Sylvio


    Owning a boat is for me a great joy. Going sailing on the lakes is a feeling of being completely free of lifes' traumas. But the maintenance can be very demanding. A few months ago, I hit the jetty at Hastings and the d Read More...

  • Bravo

    Posted October 17, 2019 by Louis Sylvio


    Security First I designed and built all electronics and accessories on my yacht, trailer and car towing requirements. There are two main factors that I considered on the design: weight and strength. Because, it a Read More...

  • I needed a treat.

    Posted October 16, 2019 by Louis Sylvio


    The TCM (Towing Command Module) on the left is effectively a simple design. It mainly consists of three relays. 1. Small relay that activates when the ignition switch is turned on. This also completely isolate my syst Read More...

  • Wires replace Wife

    Posted October 15, 2019 by Louis Sylvio


    While at Rosedale, the temperature dropped to below 3°C during the night. There is a saying that when you live alone after you had a partner, the worse time to cope with is the evening. It's hard and you miss the hap Read More...

  • I hate salt water

    Posted August 9, 2019 by Louis Sylvio


    My trailer yacht is one of my greatest passion. But anything marine need continuance maintenance due to the harsh environment of salt water. I have not been sailing for quite a while and from time to time, I run the engi Read More...