Personal diaries have been around since written language was introduced. Typically, My Blogs is my electronic diary. It contains relatively frequent records of my life and events, but it can be about anything.


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love calling their friends and having a good rant?


But chances are there are some things I will hold back, even from them. In My Blogs, I can say whatever I like, no matter how awful or self-obsessed it would seem out loud. I know that nobody can read it. It feels so good to get all my thoughts out instead of fretting over them late into the evening or the following morning.


Writing My Blogs every day and trying to be reflective helps me focus on my goals and motivations. In the evenings I write a paragraph about what went well today and what I felt I needed to do better, sometimes I can identify areas in my life that need more effort.


Because of My Blogs, I wake up with determination and sleep with satisfaction.


My Blogs contains both public and private contents. The public ones are general fun stuff that I like to chat about but private and sensitive information are for my eyes only.




  • "Moi" Time

    Posted 21 Mar by Louis Sylvio


    The authorities recommend to stay at home to stop the spreading of the Coronavirus.  It's about time that I clean my office of all the jungle of electronic wires and gadgets that I have accumulated over the years.& Read More...

  • Toilet Paper usage my way

    Posted 16 Mar by Louis Sylvio


    I have probably months of stock of toilet paper. One roll usually last me over a week. No I'm not selling any on the black market.  Of course, I clean my bum after doing no 2. I use a water gun. It not only ve Read More...

  • J’aime bricoler

    Posted 3 July 2019 by Louis Sylvio


    When I was in my early 20’s, I was a DIY fanatic.     I hand-made many record players. The electronics circuits were my own design and the plastic were mounded on an electric heater bar which I built Read More...

  • Handsome Me !!!!!

    Posted 1 July 2019 by Louis Sylvio


    After having lunch with my sister Brigitte, I spent a few hours at Chadstone Shopping Centre. I have not been there for a while and I'm amazed how large the complex has become. While walking around, this lady stopped me Read More...

  • Call me selfish

    Posted 6 March 2019 by Louis Sylvio


    My wings were clipped so that I could no longer fly. I had balls and chain around my legs. I was locked in a cage. I was depressed, stressed, sad and cried a lot. I lost my self-esteemed. I ended up at the bottom of the Read More...

  • Solo Travel

    Posted 24 February 2019 by Louis Sylvio


    Solo travel is so unfair having to pay for an imaginary person to share accommodation with. But sharing a room with a stranger is a risk that I'm not prepared to take. At the moment, I have no choice but pay the bl Read More...

  • Academic class

    Posted 17 January 2019 by Louis Sylvio


        I can't help it, I need to learn to survive. To be amongst brilliant academic colleagues gave me so much motivation and confidence to write the autobiography of Louis Sylvio Belcourt.  

  • Autobiography

    Posted 11 January 2019 by Louis Sylvio


    Today I start writing the Autobiography of Louis Sylvio Belcourt I have gone back to University to update my knowledge on the pros and cons of writing the autobiography U3A class   My very complicated past, full Read More...

  • Never too old to learn

    Posted 9 January 2019 by Louis Sylvio


    I've gone back to University to stimulate my brain.    Today I started on the first course about: Have you a autobiography, memoir or family history that you wish to undertake or complete. Do you want to e Read More...