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My name is Louis Sylvio Belcourt.  I am the son of the late Joseph Eugène Roland Belcourt and the late Marie Josephine Lyda Belcourt (Maiden Name: Marion)

The Belcourt Family Tree originated from a draft copy produced by André Belcourt, son of Terry and Christian Belcourt.



Although there are many commercial ancestry sites where anyone can build a family tree, I wanted to build an independent online version for all the families to use. It's was a big challenge and time consuming, but that's me. I've called the system GBT, Genealogy Belcourt Tree.

GBT is 100% free to use and has facilities for multiple trees as well as unlimited number of families and individuals.

GBT is available through my website www.sylviobelcourt.com at the moment but this could change later to a unique domain name. There is nothing secret about families especially with today's internet technology where data from other ancestry sites are readily available online. Although some sites charge a fee for searching, many are free and you can get just about any information you want on people around the world.

I am very passionate about this project but I do not own any rights to the content of the Belcourt Family Tree. It's a team effort.

A very special "Thank You Very Much" to all the persons who have contributed so far.

Updating the tree is ongoing and depends on the contributions of family members.





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