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Why this notice?

Since the release of the first edition of MEA in 1996, the world has dramatically changed. People have changed, governments have changed and since then, so many new laws have been introduced to control our daily lives. The freedom that we once enjoyed is now clouded by so many rules and regulations on what is correct or defamatory regarding cultures, religion or ethnic background. In my opinion, today, we live in fear, in that whatever we say or do has the potential to upset some people of different believes. We are becoming so paranoid about being "politically correct" at all times. Sadly, we, have to be aware of this jungle of new regulations and hence the reason for this notice`.

The first edition was printed in October 1996. As the conversion from old document to HTML format is complex, the format and some fonts may show differently than the original printed copies and some pictures may be of low resolution. However, the contents have not been altered and are displayed as per the original journals except for phone numbers and addresses which have been suppressed where possible.

Please be aware that content of the archives of MEA journals may contain outdated information which may be disturbing to some people and may also contain:

1. Names and/or images of deceased people.

2. Names of people that are now in a different marital or relationship status.

3. Companies, services or businesses that are no longer operational or have changed management.

Note that authors and content of some articles may no longer be represented with the same degree of subjectivity as they did when originally published.

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