All bookings to Mauritius and Madagascar are completed and confirmed. 


I wrote this on 18th September 2018.

One year later, it's no longer a dream.

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Je suis très excité. Bien sûr, je suis Mauricien


On my own, staying at a luxury resort would be a waste, hence the reason for my selection of places to stay.


All accommodations are carefully selected to suit my needs and give a mixture of locations as well as to experience a diversity of the Mauritian culture.


I look forward to catch up with family and friends.

Everyday, I want to discover, explore, admire and take lots and lots of photos.

I just love the Mauritian people, the cuisine and the cultural diversity.


My Mauritius Holiday

I'm doing it MY way because not everyone likes what I like.

On my own, I am independent and I have complete freedom and control of my movements.





Duration 6 weeks.



4 December 2019

Flight Melbourne to Perth

Virgin Australia


Flight Perth to Mauritius

Air Mauritius


4 to 12 December 2019

Accommodation Mauritius

Cap Malhereux


Car Hire Mauritius

Pickup and Drop off at Airport


12 December 2019


Flight Mauritius to Madagascar

Air Mauritius


 12 to 21 December 2019


Accommodation Madagascar



Car Hire Madagascar

Pickup and Drop off Airport


21 December 2019


Flight Madagascar to Mauritius

Air Mauritius


21 December to 14 January 2020


Car Hire Mauritius

Pickup and Drop off Airport


21 December to 6 January 2020


Accommodation Mauritius

Pointe aux Sables


 7 to 14 January 2020


Accommodation Mauritius

Le Morne


14 January 2020 


Flight Mauritius to Melbourne











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