Travelling to Mauritius

I'm doing it my way.

Weather is important for me to chose a date

November to April is summer and the days are hot and humid. Not my favourite temperature. Also January to March is the cyclone season

Winter is May to October, the barometer drops from hot to balmy. Interesting.

  It looks like leaving Australia between August and October is preferable at this stage. I would like to also visit some other islands in the Indian Ocean. I can stay away for a maximum of 6 weeks.


On my own, I'm not into exclusive luxury resorts. A clean and well maintained bungalow or villa is more than enough of what I need as accommodation.

Of course a car is mandatory.

My plan is to stay in various locations around the Island 

Maurice, Mo ti Paradis


Je suis Mauricien et j'aime le séga  

Mo vini pour dance séga avec zot.

Mon bien content sa séga SA KI APELE OU ENA TOUPE. 

Mon pret pour bouget embas

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More coming soon