Travelling for me puts things into perspective. It allows me to realise that there are far bigger things than my problems. So what if the Wi-Fi is slow?


Travelling allows me to see that the world is not always about me. It allows me to see how other people live and what they have to deal with on a daily basis.


Travelling has humbled me and has broadened my perspective in so many ways. Travelling to places like Madagascar, India and other impoverished areas has given me a sense of gratefulness for the modern-day comforts that I am able to enjoy.


I’m too young to stop dreaming, exploring and discovering new horizons. But I think it's time that I find a travel companion……


Whether on a cruise ship, shopping in Paris, walking on the beach in Flic en Flac, enjoying a glass of wine in Rome or just watching a movie at home....Life is more enjoyable when shared.




From 6 December 2019 to 15 January 2020



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