Travelling for me puts things into perspective. It allows me to realise that there are far bigger things than my problems. So what if the Wi-Fi is slow?


Travelling allows me to see that the world is not always about me. It allows me to see how other people live and what they have to deal with on a daily basis.


Travelling has humbled me and has broadened my perspective in so many ways. Travelling to places like Madagascar, India and other impoverished areas has given me a sense of gratefulness for the modern-day comforts that I am able to enjoy.



Whether on a cruise ship, shopping in Paris, walking on the beach in Flic en Flac, enjoying a glass of wine in Rome...the journey changes me. It leaves marks on my memory, on my consciousness, on my heart, and on my body.


I’m too young to stop dreaming, exploring and discovering new horizons. 


Mes vacances à l'île Maurice, à Madagascar et les Seychelles

Du 4 Décembre 2019 au 14 Janvier 2020



I love to take lots and lots of photos

Photography is the language that I use when words aren't enough

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