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Birthday - Feast for a King

by Sylvio Belcourt December 12, 2018 in Travel Overseas 0 Comments 103 Views

(Edited) I meant the food was a feast for a king as a figure of speech. I'm certainly not the king. I'm just an ordinary bloke, a commoner.

Thank you "Nine de Noum" for picking me at the hotel and taking me to a very exclusive restaurant. I can’t find words to describe my joy.

It is the very best birthday present that I have ever had.

The meal was a feast for a king and I enjoyed every mouthful. That glass of red was so smooth. The aroma and fruity taste lasted throughout the whole glass. Thank you so much for your pleasant company and the interesting conversation that we shared. I hope to see you in Australia soon.

The owners of the restaurant were so welcoming that they made me feel like I'm part of the family. Of course, because of my relationship with dogs, I had to show off.

Thank you for showing me around Noumea and driving me back to the hotel.

The memories of my 72th birthday will always be very special and precious.

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