Last Day

by Sylvio Belcourt December 14, 2018 in Travel Overseas 0 Comments 114 Views

On my way to Magenta where I returned the hired car, I stopped at La Case à Café for coffee and breakfast. Croque madame was delicious but the size of the coffee was not what I expected especially that I ordered a long instead of a short. C’est la vie. I found reading the local french gazette very interesting and notice my zodiac sign was accurate.

Everything went very well with the car which I returned in the same condition as I originally hired except for a few extra numbers on the speedo. The contract was for unlimited kilometres which allowed me to travel up north without having to worry about how far I could go.

From Magenta, I took the local bus to Noumea Central where I did some window shopping. It was very hot and after an hour walking around, I felt like a cold beer. I was told that I have to have food as well. So I ordered an omelette just for the sake of eating. The local beer was cold and very refreshing.

I took another local bus from Noumea Central back to the hotel where I had a very relaxed afternoon doing absolutely nothing.

Come dusk, I needed something very special to celebrate an exceptional week on the beautiful island of New Caledonia, so I had sex on the beach. This cocktail is made of vodka, cointreau, peach liquor, orange nectar and cranberry juice.

Tomorrow, I leave the hotel at 5:00am for New Caledonia International Airport. Arriving in Melbourne at 12:50pm, I pick my car and drive straight to Bairnsdale, a 5 hour drive from Tullamarine. I expect to be home around 7:00pm